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I really love drawing for people, because I love to see they're reactions. That's my favorite! I either draw my feelings like a diary, or I draw to try and make others happy!
Sooooo, I would like to try to draw anything for you for free! Post a comment and tell me what you'd like. It can be of an everyday object, an animal (fursonas included), fan-art for anime and books (although if it is a book character, I may not know that series, so you may have to describe their physical appearance)! Please just let me know!
And I'm sorry if you like digital art better. I have never worked with that. The drawings I make will be in pencil (just shading) or pen and colored pencil! I will try and do as many as I can. :)
So, thank you for reading! :D
Request a pic of anything!
And I will try my best!
(All of those whom I have already okay-ed, I am still drawing your pictures now, so don't worry!)


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United States
Before I introduce myself, let me just say that I ship practically every possible pairing! So, please do not be offended if I draw a picture with a pairing you do not like! :) Chances are that I ship those people with about five other characters, too!!! I am very open minded when it comes to things like that. :D

So, anyway....

Hello, my name is... classified information that only my pet rock knows. If you're not him, then just call me Jinx. :)

Also on FanFiction as: FangLovesMeMost
Also on FeralHeart as: Kuroni


puppies (I mean, who doesn't love puppies), the word lollipop, light-switches, random buttons, laser pointers, random strings to play with, colors, rainbows, t-shirt and sweat pants, laughing, holidays, how cows don't actually go moo (it sounds more like a MERRR! to me), saying "Oh My Cheez-Its!", eating, hiccups, breathing, making faces at people, sighing, Google, fuzz, and sparkles


ham, actual lollipops, hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza, french fries, turkey, doing chores, shopping, being poked, Bing, loud noises, foot massages, SPIDERS!

Things I like to do, but am awful at:

dance, sing, swimming, paint, cook

Things I don't like to do, but seem to happen a lot:

Run into walls, trip, sprain things, forget what I'm doing as soon as I walk into a room, slip, AND FINALLY... pulling charcoal out of the toaster because I burned the bread again!!!

I don't think I said anything too personal up here, so I'm gonna stop before I do! So... uh, HELLO!!!!! Thanks so much for checking out my profile! I feel so loved! Hope you like my stories/drawings!

Oh, and I don't normally do this stuff... but I just had to do this one copy and paste. It was too adorable to pass up!

(='.'=)This is Bunny.
(")_(") Copy and paste Bunny into your profile to help him gain world domination

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